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Is God's Redemption and Salvation One or More Steps?

There are eleven steps in the complete salvation. Andrew Murray defined ten steps.

These steps of salvation are called Ordo Salutis.

(1) God's effectual calling: God calls everyone a general call. But, to those whom He chose to be His own children, He effectually calls them. God's call is creative with the same Word which said: "Let there be light out of nothing," God says similarly "Let my child have life from the dead."

(2) Regeneration: Men are born alive in the flesh and dead in the spirit as they are sinful and the sin nature dominates them. God regenerates the dead spirit into a living spirit. God, the Holy Spirit (Ruah haQodesh) dwells from that moment on in the spirit of the true believers.

(3) Comprehension: Natural men who are dead in the spirits can read the Bible, but cannot understand the spiritual truth in it. Only the regenerate (living) spirits can understand the depth and the value of the Word of God. The Word of God become the daily necessary food for their lives.

(4) Faith: Saving faith is committed to Yeshua Jesus. Every human has faith, even demons have faith, but any non-committed, non-repentant, and non-obedient faith is nothing but emotional, or intellectual, or social kind of faith. The majority of professing Christians and Messianic Jews are social believers. Hence, we have many weak and much false teachings.

(5) Repentance: It is a clear sign of the new life. A true born-again believer cannot accept the false teaching that says that once I confess Jesus then I do not need to worry about the past, it is all forgiven. This cannot be true, unless each sinner pays back the damages and restitutes the broken boundaries as much as possible.

A person who claims that he does not owe his past creditors because now he is a Christian or a Messianic Jew is deceiving himself. True believers repent truly, which means: (a) Confess, (b) Pay back what is stolen, (c) Restore all damages to people, (d) Commit to stop using or abusing people or take advantage of them.

(6) Justification: It is the legal stand before God as acquitted of all guilt. Satan is the accuser, but God declared us JUST through the atoning act of Yeshua Jesus.

God's Love does not negate that God is Just. Yeshua Jesus became the Eternal Lamb of God and He fulfilled all the demands of justice, hence we are redeemed.

(7) Adoption: Not only are we redeemed, but also God revealed His special love for us by His adoption of His elect children, the True Israel. The true Messianic Hebrew believers are all those who believe in Yeshua Jesus without the hierarchy of a church or a synagogue, just as Abraham, the first Hebrew believed.

Adoption makes all believers equally members of the Family of God, the Commonwealth of the True Israel.

(8) Sanctification: It means separation from the world. The Apostles stated and repeated that we are at enmity and conflict with the world. Yet, it is revealing to see that almost all Churches and all Messianic Synagogues and all professing believers adopt Hollywood lifestyle. Slander, lies, fornication, witchcraft, Luciferian worship and many evils are practiced by our Churches (Babylon) today.

Sanctification is a complete separation from the values of the culture. We do not and cannot by physically separate (like the wheat grown among the weeds), but our moral values need to be OPPOSITE to the world without compromise or middle way.

(9) Perseverance: While we live in the world like good wheat among abundance of wild weeds, God is protecting us and enabling us to persevere lest Lucifer would destroy us. The true believers are protected by the sovereign God. He sends his angels constantly to care for our needs (not wants or desires) day and night. We go to sleep and they are watching over us.

This does not negate that many true believers can suffer even become martyrs because we are living in a filthy and sinful world. Even many professing Christians become tools in the hand of Satan Lucifer abusing, slandering, discriminating against, lying about the faithful believers who refuse to accept the common Holywoodian culture which is the culture of the Churches today.

(10) Union: Beyond the Adoption, true believer have true union with each other as a family through their union with Yeshua Jesus. He is the Bikkurim, the First Brother among many who are resurrected from the dead.

(11) Glorification: This is the final step in our complete redemption. It will be achieved at the Second Coming of Yeshua Jesus as our bodies will regain back its original creation state without the devolution and chromosomal mutations which we have today.

We pray and hope that this will bless you to become the true believer God called you to be.

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