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Our Statement of Faith and Call to Support All Believers in Yeshua Jesus

¶ The Bible: All the Scriptures are inspired by Elohim God in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. There are no Old Books (Old Testament) and New Books (New Testament). The Bible is One Book inspired by Elohim who is One God.


¶ God’s inspiration to His prophets was plenary, i.e. they had no power to change what God inspired, although their personality and words were distinct as God knows them more than they know themselves.


¶ The Bible is the inerrant, infallible, and authoritative Word of God in every area in life and in faith.


¶ God Elohim is one. He is a person eternal. God Elohim revealed Himself as God the Father (ha Av), God the Son (ha Ben), and God the Holy Spirit (Ruah ha Kodesh), One person and One God triune in nature.


¶ Yeshua through His life, His words, His fulfilling of all the Messianic prophecies, and His resurrection from the dead proved that He is whom He said to be: the very person of God (the Son of God). He is also called the Son of Man as he was born in the flesh from Miriam who was virgin at that time.


¶ Yeshua is the promised Messiah who came in His First Coming and offered Himself as the eternal Lamb of God for the atonement of the elect Hebrews and the elect of all the nations according to the promise to Abraham.


¶ Yeshua is the Messiah who will come again in His Second Coming as the Lion of Judah to judge and to recreate the heavens and the earth and to bring a new Heavenly Jerusalem on earth.

God created the universe and the earth about six thousand years ago. True science confirms the six thousand years and our book “Genesis 1-2-3" contains 115 scientific evidence to this fact. There are many more scientific evidence but the book had no more room.


¶ God continues to provide the existence, the movement, and the life of every object in the universe through His sovereign omnipotence.


¶ Salvation (Yeshua) is given by God, by grace (without merit), to the few elect from Israel and the few elect from the Gentiles. Salvation is purely an unmerited gift, thus man cannot earn it; neither by blood; nor by works, and man cannot lose it. Man is NOT equal to God, therefore man cannot resist God, hence man cannot reject his election or his adoption in the redeemed Family of God. This means also what rabbi Shaul (the Apostle Paul) said that once your truly believe in Yeshua as God and the Messiah, the Lamb of God who died for your sins, you are a true member of the Commonwealth of Israel, Ephesians 2:11-12. Thus, there are NO gentile believers, true believer are members grafted as FAMILY OF GOD.


¶ The evidence of the true regeneration (redemption - salvation - atonement) is obedience to God’s commandments (the Creation Ten Commandments and the Creation clean food (Kashrut) commandment). Obedience to these commandment is simply an evidence and NOT a means of the true born-again nature.


¶ Yeshua as the Messiah and High Priest, not only offered Himself as the eternal Lamb of God, but also intercedes on behalf of all those who believe (elect by God) upon His name.


¶ The Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh) dwells in the true born again believers whose spirit (nature) is regenerated from the dead by the Holy Spirit, God. He empowers them and imparts His spiritual Fruit and His spritual gifts to each believer, for the sole purpose of edifying and equipping the elect Family of God, the believers. These spiritual gifts are NOT to make money and to enjoy a luxurious life in the ministry.

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