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How Many Years Did Adam and His Wife Live in the Paradise Garden Before They Sinned and Were Kicked Out From the Presence of YHWH God?

The answer can be deduced precisely but not accurately from the Book of Genesis in the section written by Noah, Genesis 5:3.

First we will state the facts, then the deduction that will lead us to the precise date.

(1) Fact: Adam and his wife did NOT have intimate sexual relationship while they were yet in the garden of Eden (Paradise), although they were husband and wife.

(2) Fact: After Adam and his wife were kicked out from the presence of God due to their rejection of YHWH and worship of the woman and of Satan, then they began to have children.

(3) Fact: Adam and Eve had three boys and two or three girls. The boys names were Cain, then Abel, then Seth.

(4) Fact: At a young age, Cain offered a sacrifice to God from the delicious colorful fruits, instead of the blood of an animal representing the death of man and the need for this temporary atonement. God rejected Cain's sacrifice or offering. Cain felt, like his mother that he is equal to God and his thoughts are equivocal to God.

(5) Fact: Cain's jealousy and rage were kindled against his younger brother Abel. Cain killed Abel and buried him in the ground, out of sight. But, God saw him and declared that Cain is NOT a son of God, i.e. NOT a true believer.

(6) Fact: One year later, Adam and Eve had their son Seth. Adam and Eve were 130 years old at the birth of Seth.

(7) Deduction: Cain had to be young, arrogant and independent when he offered his fruity sacrifice and when he killed Abel. We can assume that he was about 17 years old.

(8) Deduction: This means that the first sexual intimate relationship between Adam and his wife was when they were 111 years old.  (111 + 1 year pregnancy of Cain + 17 years + 1 year pregnancy of Seth = 130 years).

Hence, with a certain degree of precision (not accuracy), we believe that Adam and his wife lived in the Garden of Eden (Gan Paradise) about 111 years.

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