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30 Developmental Tasks for Adolescents

to Reach Emotional Maturity

1.Learn how to forgive and how to demand justice at the same time.

2.Accomplish healthy separation and Individuation,

3.Find and consolidate your self-image identity,

4.Develop good, godly and solid Gender identity,

5.Develop healthy Social identity based on honest competition,

6.Develop realistic and strong Personal identity,

7.Develop empathic and responsible Sexual identity,

8.Recognize solid self and personal values,

9.Discover your natural talents and gifts,

10.Discover your passions and motivations,

11.Acquire new knowledge and skills (Assimilation)

12.Search for and find meaning of existence:

   1.Existence and value of self

   2.Existence and value of others

   3.Existence and value of the universe

13.Search for personal significance (appreciation),

14.Build self-esteem through achievements and work,

15.Build trust in others. Satisfactory (good-enough) peer relationships,

16.Aspire to the Summum Bonum (the Highest Ideal, Jesus Christ the Messiah.)

   1.Have transitional healthy role models

   2.Learn about Jesus Christ as a person, son of man

17.Prepare for vocational stability,

18.Become Interdependent (not independent and free nor overly dependent),

19.Learn about healthy boundaries and observe them to respect others and yourself,

20.Learn about God's healthy and moral gift of sexuality and adjust to novel feelings especially of intense sexuality,

21.Accept and reevaluate failures and consequences,

22.Develop tolerance, perseverance and patience,

23.Learn delayed gratification. Live in hope,

24.Learn & own responsibility for personal happiness,

25.Accept human weakness:

   1.Accept your personal weakness and move on to strength

   2.Accept others' weakness

26.Accept changes and losses:

   1.Let go

   2.Share with others

   3.Accept death

   4.Accept changes in relationships,

27.Learn financial responsibility

28.Learn how to be altruistic (shifting from ego-centric position to empathic position)

29.Develop realistic adult life-script

30.Practice and develop the High Defenses of Adult life. Dr. David d’Albany

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