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Can the Faithful Children of God, the Messianic Hebrews, be Angry at Each Other or at Other Children of Men (pretending believers or non-believers?

In order to understand this important topic, we need to understand the different types of anger.

First we need to know that our culture is controlled by psychology and Hollywood values which are preached subtly or openly in many churches. They both are adamant that each person, especially women and girls, must act on their anger and vent it to be free from oppression and repression.

These values are completely opposite to God's moral values.

Second, the Bible states that we need to be angry but sin NOT when our anger is justified.

Therefore, we need to delineate the different types of anger.

(I have given many seminars, conferences and weekend retreats on many topics such as this and following is part of my research in this area. These conferences and retreats were given in California and France, where racism is less vicious.)

The natural carnal man, whether professes faith in Christ or not, handles anger in one of five ways (all of them are deficient or even sinful).

(1) Passive Anger: One denies that he is anger yet harbors deep hidden hateful feelings. One may be afraid of confrontation, or afraid of losing some benefit (true or imaginary benefit), or believes as unworthy to express self, or believes that he/she deserves to be mistreated as a dog/bitch.

(2) Aggressive Anger: One becomes aggressive and violent in words or in actions against a person or a person's properties.

(3) Defiant Anger: One becomes obstructive and rejects categorically almost everything about the target person.

(4) Self-Destructive Anger: One takes his angry and violent feelings against himself, or against his wife or against his children. One justifies the abuse of his own wife or children as simply a natural and normal feeling.

(5) Rage: This is a state of irrational intense violent thoughts, feelings and actions. At times, it is unfocused and appears confused except against the specified target subject of such rage. I, personally, define this as mental disorder whether it is a temporary episode or long lasting intense feeling of rage. The psychological and Hollywood communities do not think that it is a mental disorder, but I do.

All of the above five types of anger are deficient, sinful, or will lead to sins and trespasses.

Jesus was angry in a completely different way:

Yeshua Jesus' anger was Assertive Anger.

To practice the Assertive Anger you need to examine the following steps:

(A) Identify the specific action that made you angry. Anger must be caused by specific concrete (not imaginary) actions or a bad behaviors.

(B) Never be angry at the person who offended you or misbehaved.

For example, when a husband and wife are angry at each other, they need to focus on the behavior, and they need to attack Satan, never each other.

(C) Identify what steps are are needed to solve the problem and to prevent the same misbehavior or negative action from happening again if possible.

(D) Communicate openly and only with all persons concerned with the new measures and better ways of action.

(E) You must affirm the positive values in the other person to enable them to be part of the positive change in behavior.

(F) Never change the person, but help modify certain behaviors that both of you agree and deem as negative or waste of love or time or money.

(G) If you cannot affect any change and you see that such misbehavior will continue, never attack the person but share the Word of God that touches on this very specific area.

(H) Finally, when the person rejects the Word of God, let him/her be. Do not harbor on the unresolved issued. let them go in the world of lost memories.

The Church, sadly, teaches that Jesus was violent and angry as he turned down the tables of the money changers. Actually, Jesus was assertively angry because of a specific reason:

The Jews (Sadducees) who were the priests of the Temple ordered the Jews to offer a "silver shekel" rather than the Jewish minted "copper shekel".  You may say what is the difference, they both have the same value.

The silver shekel had the face of the Emperor and at times a god or a symbol of a god. It was minted in Tyre, while the Jewish shekel was of copper and carries symbols of the Jewish nation without pictures of gods.

The Romans and the Greeks did not like the Jewish shekels. The Sadducees, as today the pastors and missionaries, were the richest elites using the name of God to profit themselves. They preferred the pagan shekel to make them richer with the Romans and the Greeks. They allowed the pagan shekel into the Temple of YHWH God.

Jesus stated: You (pretending men of God) have made my House a house of thieves.

Today, we have almost the same situation, although there is no Temple.

Today, there are fake temples which are called falsely Houses of God.

We need to resound the same message of Yeshua Jesus to all men and women who call themselves men of God or women of God and collect the money that belongs to God to themselves by the means of their churches, their Messianic synagogues, their personal ministry projects and end up with abundance beyond the normal hard working people. At times, they earn as much as the corrupt politicians in donations without accountability.

Faithful men of God are poor like Jesus and have another job to support themselves and their families.

We need to be lovingly and assertively angry at the abuse of the name of YHWH God to bring the glory of God again. "Our Father who are in Heaven, may your name be sanctified, may your will be done as in heaven."

We hope that this will help you to conform your feelings and behaviors more into the image of Yeshua Jesus, if you are truly born-again believer (Messianic believer).

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