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❃ Archaeology Evidence of 6000+ Years Earth Age ❃

(97) Stone Age brain surgery discovered refutes the evolution theory and dating. The so called Stone Age is named by evolutionists who believe that man evolved from primitive animal like humanoid. This is completely false. There was never any humanoid. Evidence shows that people, so called ‘Stone Age primitive humanoids’, used stone technology, musical instruments, intricate artwork, aerodynamic throwing weapons, and medical procedures including successful brain surgery, wherein the patients survived after the operations. Evolutionist date Stone Age to about 7,000 years ago. Stone Age represents local phenomena where people happen to be isolated and hence invented different techniques to survive. Humanity history started after the Global Flood of Noah about 4,300 years ago.

(98) Fossils disprove the evolution theory dating. Hundreds of fossils of different plant and animal species are dated to be millions of years old. But, when we examine the same living species, we discover that there is no different at all in the anatomy or morphology of the species from the fossil to the living organism.

This is evidence that evolution is not observable and the species created by God remain unchanged. This is further evidence that the evolutionist dating is faulty. The Bible records that everything was created in six day about 6,000 years ago.

(99) Living fossils are evidence that the age of life is not millions or billions of years old. Hundreds of organisms which were thought by evolutionists to be extinct and fossilized since a billion or hundred million years ago, are living and well. This is evidence that fossilization process is a very short process taking from a few weeks to a few years with the right conditions. For examples, species of méduses, graptolites, cœlacanthes, stromatolithes, pins Wollemi and hundred others are living to date. Living fossils prove that the age of their dead fossils is extremely shorter than was hypothized. Sscience is consistent with the age of about 4,000 years old.

(100) Evolutionist theories continue to be proven false by new evidence. Many discovered animals are proven to be known only through fossils. Evolutionists gave these fossils dates of hundreds of millions of year and claimed them to be extinct. Yet, these discovered specimens are alive and well. For example, In March 2006, Science journal under the headline ‘Rodent Resurrection’ reported that anatomical comparisons of Laonastes with fossil evidence from the lower Miocene, Shandong Province, China, showed that the creature living in Laos today is actually the same as the Diatomyidae, a group of rodents long thought extinct. Similarly the coelacanthe, pin Wollemi, the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus, and crocodiles. Evolutionist scientists have completely faulty dating. The age of life on the earth is about 6,000 years old.

(101) Many sightings of dinosaurs evident from multiple African tribes stories and behavior indicates the probability of living dinosaurs and pterodactyls nowadays. But, due to the predominance of the Western media; African and Asian stories are not given credibility and thus not publicized as scientific. These living animals are evidence that the life on earth is young, about 6,000 years ago.

Dragons legends are not legends but they are real accounts of actual animals based on the fact that more than 50 countries have included dragons in their cultural traditions and history. We called these accounts tales simply because we are made to believe that dragons (dinosaurs) could not live with humans which is a premise of the Evolution Theory. These countries had no shared knowledge between them. They spans thousands of years and they were in all different parts of the earth. Furthermore, the carvings and drawings, (so called primitive), from different countries around the world draw accurately the dragons (dinosaurs).

Example of these countries that have dragon traditions and tales, about men interaction with dragons, are:

i) Russia, ii) Morocco, iii) Yemen, iv) Nicaragua, v) Mongolia, vi) Laos, vii) Vietnam, viii) Cuba, ix) British Antarctic Territory, x) Wales (is the country of dragons), xi) China (Chinese dragon year and dragon celebration), xii) South American countries, xiii) Cambodia, xiv) Aztec ancient culture, xv) Arabian tales, xvi) Turkish tales, xvii) Greece (dragons were slain by Hercules, Appollo, and Perseus), xviii) Norse (Sigurd killed dragons) (Norwegian), xix) Germany (Siegfried and Saint Gregory killed dragons), xx) Scandinavia and Britain (Beowulf killed dragons), xxi) Wales (George killed dragons), xxii) India, xxiii) The Chinese (Mandarin) symbol for the dragon includes pictorially a ribbed body, a crested head, long snout and a beautiful spiked tail! It is pronounced “long” and is also used to describe dinosaurs. So the early Chinese knew what they looked like.

The end result of this consistent killing is the fading (almost extermination) of all fierce or scary dragons (dinosaurs). Some nationals and scientists report the sighting of living dragons (dinosaurs) of different sizes in deep jungles and in other places, examples of sightings in i) Cameron, ii) Melanesia, iii) Umbungi Island and in Alage Island (Papua New Guinea), iv) South Africa, v) Ocopogo in British Columbia and vi) others.

Such sightings of dinosaurs which are supposed to be extinct, affirm that animal life about 6,000 years ago and there is no change or evolution in the different kinds.

(102) Old trees prove that the age of the earth is about 6,000 years old. Trees could not be older than the Flood of Noah, because the Global Flood flooded and killed all organisms that require daily oxygen to live. Some evolutionist scientists date certain trees to be about 30,000 years old, which proves to be false scientifically.

Examples of old trees are: (1) the Sequoia (Seqouyah ) trees in California. (2) The Tasmanian trees which are the Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) native conifer of Tasmania (Australia). When tree rings to calculate their age, we find that the Huon Pine is less than 3,500 years old. (3) Bristlecone Pines (Pinus longaeva and Pinus aristata) which is called the ‘Old Methuselah’ is a Bristlecone Pine tree in California, north of Death Valley. Its age is estimated to be 4,723 years old. This date coincides with the date of the global Flood of Noah, which is around 4,300 years ago. (4) The Alerce Tree from Chile, South America. Also known as the Patagonian Cypress. (5) The Mendocino tree, a giant redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), near Ukiah, California. It is very tall tree, measured at 112 m (367 foot, 5 inches). (6) The tallest tree is the Australian eucalyptus (Mountain Ash), in Victoria, Australia. It was believed to have been almost 150 m (492 feet) tall. (7) The giant sequoia, called ‘General Sherman’, is found in California’s Sequoia National Park. It stands at 83.8 meters (275 feet) tall and it is 31.3 meters (102 foot 8 inches) base girth. Its age is determined to be only 2,150 years. Nate Stephenson of the US Geological Survey said,‘The new Sherman tree age estimate could still be off by centuries’. This is consistent with after the Global Flood of Noah.

Tree rings are measured by having a pencil width tree core or pith sample taken without causing major damage to the tree. There is no scientific evidence at all that any of these large trees predate the Flood. Even with the use of the cross-matching uniformatarianism evolutionary method the dates are revised to less than 5000 years old. This is consistent with Biblical record of the Global Flood of 4,300 years ago.

(103) Evolutionist scientists who claimed that dinosaurs were present 4.5 years ago before the flowering plants and evolved into birds and mammals, discovered that there were abundant flowering plants and at least 450 different mamal species fossils in the same location and with the dinosaurs fossils. This includes human traces and fossils. Thus the Biblical narratives are accurate, and the fossil records of dinosaurs prove that they were created with man about 6000 years ago.

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