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❃ BioChemistry Evidence of 6000+ Years Earth Age ❃

(104) Biologically active amino acids are left-handed (L) molecules. When an organism dies, or when organic material is preserved in rocks, then the amino acids remaining will change after time to be left-handed and right-handed molecules at equal ratio, i.e. racemic. Such change occurs constantly in vitro. Evolutionist scientists agree that, within 20 million years, all amino acids in vitro will be racemic molecules. None of the specimens found were racemic. Many samples of rocks which contains living remnants such as in the chert layers known as Fig Tree Chert, in South Africa, is estimated to be three billion years old by evolutionists, yet it contains only amino acids in the left-handed (L) form. This means that its age is faulty. It is 500 to 20 million years old. A similar results apply to several Precambrian, Miocene sediments, Green River, Wyoming, oil shale (estimated by evolutionists to be 1.2 billion, 30 million, and 60 million years old respectively), but found to contain mostly left-handed amino acids. The incomplete racemization of amino acids in vitro proves that the origin of life is only a few thousand years old.

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