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❃ Biology Evidence of 6000+ Years Earth Age ❃

(71) Coral reef growth rate is very slow. Calculating the rate and the amount present in all the seas, shows an age of about 4,200 years. This is consistent with the Global Flood of Noah.

(72) Certain fossils which are dated to be millions of years old are discovered to have soft tissues, soft blood vessels, liquid proteins and soft cells. Such discoveries reject the millions of years age and confirms the Biblical dating of the earth to be consistent with about 4,000 years old.

(73) Actual complete red blood cells were isolated from Tyrannosaurus rex. Dinosaurs are dated by evolutionist scientists to be 65 million years old. But, the presence of actual red blood cells gives a date of a few thousand years only which is consistent with much less than 4000 years ago.

(74) Early this year, 2013, liquid blood in perfect condition was found in frozen mammoth in Siberia. Mammoth is of kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Proboscidea, Family Elephantidae, Tribe Elephantini and Genus Mammuthus. Mammoths are dated 4.5-5 million years old by evolutionist scientists which faulty. The actual date with within a couple of thousand years only. This is consistent with the Biblical account of 4000-6000 years age of living organism.

(75) Genetic Entropy disproves the evolutionist scientists dating of life to be millions of years old. A comparison of genomes of many species affirms that the maximum date possible for life on earth is about 6,000 years old. Longer age of the life on earth will lead to major entropic changes in the genomes which are not observed.

(76) California Polytechnic succeeded in extracting, in a completely sterile manner, DNA from no less than 3,500 types of micro-organisms, from dormant spores in amber. Evolutionist, falsely, dated these amber samples to be 25 to 35 million years old. Some of the DNA was similar, but not identical, to modern types. This is evidence that such DNA is less than 6,000 years old, as the DNA structure cannot survive even in ideal dehydrated conditions longer than a few thousand years only.

(77) Genome study shows genetic bottleneck, meaning: origin of man, dating to about the time of Noah and his wife, (4300 years ago). In the 1970s, Haigh and Maynard Smith investigated the variation in human hemoglobin. They concluded and published that the human species must have gone through a genome bottleneck in the recent past. This means that all humans have the same exact genome. Thus all the evolutionist ideas about having primitive ancestors are false. Furthermore, researchers at the University of Oregon Medical School pointed out that Noah’s flood would have provided such a bottleneck.

(78) The mitochondrial DNA is inherited from mothers. It is valuable in mutation research. When a DNA is replicated in the nucleus, it makes accurate duplicates, yet at times there is a mechanism that allows a minute shuffling of the genes, which is called mutation or error. Over time, DNA will accumulate more and more errors. Biologists can trace such shuffling error and can establish: (1) The relatedness between individuals or species, and (2) If such error is happening at a constant rate, then it could calculate the time since the two species diverged. The mtDNA has the advantage that it is not subject to recombination with the male analogue chromosome; hence, there will be no errors due to recombination or shuffling. Mutation of mtDNA occurs only through natural mutation means, such as natural radioactivity. Measurements of the neutral mutation rate of mitochondrial DNA recently forced researchers to revise the age of "mitochondrial Eve" from a theorized 200,000 years down to possibly as low as 6,000 years. DNA experts, including evolutionist scientists, insist that DNA cannot exist in natural environments more than 10,000 years with its observed rate of mutation.

Furthermore, such DNA strands have been recovered from fossils allegedly much older, such as Neanderthal bones. Scientists conclude that the Neanderthal dating was faulty and it was not hundreds of thousands of years as previously proposed. The presence of intact DNA, mitochondrial and nucleus DNA are evidence that the age of life is less than 10,000 years old. This is consistent with the age dating to 6017 years.

(79) Male (Y) chromosome proves the origin from Adam and the age of life to be about 6,000 years ago. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. The twenty-third chromosome is the sex chromosome. It is made of two strands, X and Y. Females have chromosome 23 as XX, while males have chromosome 23 as XY. Therefore, by researching chromosome Y, we can trace the genetic neutral changes, (mutation), that are not subjected to recombination. Dr. Dorit recently investigated such variation on the human Y-chromosome from around the world. They found no variations in the Y chromosome. Although they used evolutionary assumptions, they arrived at a date of about 6,000 years age of life within the confidence level. This date corresponds to Adam and Eve, one father of all. They also came up with other numbers depending on the model and assumptions used. Researchers were unable to pinpoint the location of origin of mankind due to the lack of variation (polymorphism). This also was evidence against the evolutionist scientists who assume, falsely, that humans evolved, sprouted, in many regions simultaneously by accidents.

(80) Bacterial DNA is evidence that the origin of bacteria dates about 6,000 years ago. Bacteria found in rocks which were dated 425 million years old were revived and are growing. This is indicative first that the dating of the rocks is faulty and also that the Biblical dating is plausible. Furthermore, the difference between the DNA of the revived bacteria dated 425 million years ago and their present day analogue had a difference of <2% of DNA genes. This is contradictory to the evolutionary theories. Another evidence is that they revived bacteria from rocks from Poland (dated 16 million years old), from Thailand (dated 96 million years old, and from the United States (dated 425 million years old), and the DNA sequences from all three sources group is the same.

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