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A Sweet Crime!

Judeo-Christian Psychology

Dr. David d’Albany

We dedicate this book to all the victims of gossip:

To the young boys and girls who are bullied at school by malicious gossip.

To the employees, especially those who are discriminated against, because of their faith, or skin color, or accent, or age, or personal features and who are maliciously slandered.

To everyone who is rejected and maliciously slandered among whom is our Lord, the rejected Messiah Jesus Christ.

Thanks to everyone and to the true leaders who are opposing slander and who are not turning their heads away from this heinous evil.

Thanks to the Lord who loves us while we were filthy in our tongues, hearts, hands, minds and bodies that He became incarnate as Jesus, and thus died in our place and rose from the dead in the flesh to give us eternal life and salvation from sin.

I dedicate this book to everyone who may benefit by stopping and resisting all gossip.

Gossip (slander) is the third widely spread sin practiced by most professing Christians; the First is ‘arrogance’, and the second is ‘sexual promiscuity’.

Our prayer is that we: (1) Stop gossiping and murdering others (stop grieving the Holy Spirit), and (2) Pay back all losses we caused others by our gossip.

Table of Content

Chapter 1-------------------------------------- 06

What is Gossip

Chapter 2-------------------------------------- 12

Gossip and the Wisdom of Different Cultures

Chapter 3-------------------------------------- 25

Moral, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Gossip

Chapter 4-------------------------------------- 37

Gossip and Love

Chapter 5-------------------------------------- 53

Gossip and Fears

Chapter 6-------------------------------------- 60

Gossip and Lies

Chapter 7-------------------------------------- 65

Gossip and Discrimination

Chapter 8-------------------------------------- 69

Sources of Gossip

Chapter 9-------------------------------------- 81

Gossip and the Media

Chapter 10------------------------------------ 83

Gossip and Communication

Chapter 11------------------------------------ 86

Gossip and Feelings

Chapter 12------------------------------------ 90

Gossip and Perception

Chapter 13------------------------------------ 95

Gossip in the Workplace

Chapter 14------------------------------------ 100

Gossip in Schools

Chapter 15------------------------------------ 106

Consequence of Gossip

Chapter 16------------------------------------ 111

Three False Justifications of Gossip

Chapter 17------------------------------------ 115

Gossip and Projection

Chapter 18------------------------------------ 118

Gossip and Relationships

Chapter 19------------------------------------ 122

Action Plan to Stop Gossip

Chapter 20------------------------------------ 133

Gossip and Faith

Chapter 21------------------------------------ 142

Characteristics of People.

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