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The Triune Nature of God

(also called The Trinity of God)

in the Hebrew Scripture

(50 Points Evidence)

La Trinité Dans La Bible Hébraïque

Dr. David d’Albany

Copyright (C) 2015

ABCdeFrance. Publisher

To order more copies, please contact

Dr. d’Albany at:

(813) 507-1739

Second Edition: February 2015, English and French

Publisher ABCdeFrance, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

First Edition: November 2001, Version Française

Publisher, Paris, France

ISBN: 978-0-9860491-1-8


 Chapter One:    God is a real person (One Person)

Chapter Two:     50 Evidences Proving God’s Triune Nature

Chapter Three:   A quick List of False Trinity Doctrines


La Trinité Dans le Tanakh

Chapitre Un:          Dieu Est Une Personne

Chapitre Deux:     50 Preuves De La Trinité

Chapitre Trois:      Une Liste Sommaire Des Faux Doctrines De la Trinité



The TaNaKH (the Torah, the Nebi'im and the Ktoubim) affirms the Triune nature of God of Israel Elohim.

A true Jew accepts the inspired Word of God, the Scriptures, even if he/she does not understand it fully. Human reasoning is NOT equal to the divine revelation.

This book presents more than fifty authoritative evidences to the Triune nature of God.

This book is recommended to be a part of the every Yeshiva curriculum for every future rabbi.

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