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Signs of Clinical Depression

in Adolescents and Children

Depression is a psychological disorder which can happen to everyone. It is not the same as feeling sad or having the blues.

Clinical Depression is not only a psychological disorder, but it may also have physiological chemical changes. Good Christian kids can have depression. The psychologic factors are more powerful in achieving healing.

Many times parents and friends do not understand what young men or women are going through and they tend to judge them in appropriately. Following is a list of the symptoms of depression in Children and Adolescents.

While some symptoms are common with everyone, yet when you see some severe symptoms or at least seven of the following symptoms, then you may want to ask for help.

Consistent symptoms which do not appear to have specific triggers can also indicate the need for help.

Symptoms of depression in adolescents and children:

1. Hyperactivity

2. Negative or antisocial behaviors

3. Feelings of not being understood or approved of

4. Restlessness

5. Withdrawal from family

6. Social withdrawal

7. Inattention to personal appearance

8. Somatic complaints

9. Aggression

10. Phobias

11. Mood congruent hallucination

12. Separation anxiety

13. Academic problems, lower grades

14. Truancy

15. Alcohol use or abuse

16. Substance abuse

17.Gang related activities

18. Irritability

19. Impulsive and overwhelming sexual feelings and behavior

20. Disruptive Behavior Disorders

21. Hyperactivity and Attention-Deficit

22. Anxiety

23. Intense worry about the future

24. Bulimia

25. Anorexia

26. Suicidal ideation, plans or attempts

27. Passive suicidal wish

28. Constant guilt

29. Severe conflict and rejection of self identity

30. Loss of joy in life and activities

If you find a friend or your child having depression, you cannot expect them to snap out of it or ignore it. You need to talk with a licensed Psychotherapist professional.

Do not trust anyone who claims to be a "Christian" Psychotherapist, because most Christian psychotherapists are using the same secular (anti-Christ) psychology techniques and principles. 

Evaluate the therapy and take control to remove your child if the psychotherapist is teaching your child anti-Christ principles.

If such depression is untreated, it may disappear and reappear in a more severe cyclical manner. Take it seriously and bring true  healing to your loved ones.

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