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What are the Consequences of Sin?

There are at least 27 severe consequences of sin:

(1) Death Sentence pronounced by God. Any covenant breaker is sentenced to be killed.

(2) The condemnation of the Law. Every man born of Adam and Eve is sentenced under the Law of Works as a criminal worthy of death. Satan the Accuser attempts to accuse the elect, but the Messiah covers His chosen with his redeeming blood which was shed on the cross (the tree).

(3) The Penalty of sin is death. Death of the spirit was affected immediately for the woman when she sinned and for Adam a few hours later after he sinned and worshiped his wife instead of God. The spirit of all men born of Adam and Eve is dead although the flesh appears alive.

(4) The sin nature in every man born of Adam and Eve.

(5) The presence of sin is permanent in every aspect of the mind and the heart.

(6) Spiritual death which is separation from God. God is Holy and He does not tolerate or accept sin.

(7) Enmity of man against God. Every sinner hates God and at best creates his own god or goddess.

(8) Guilt becomes constant on a conscious and subconscious levels.

(9) Slavery to sin in every area in life.

(10) Authority of Satan, the Accuser, over every sinner, unless such a sinner is chosen by God to be adopted by the regeneration of the Holy Spirit. Satan has NO authority over those who are chosen to be children of God in their future.

(11) Domination of Satan except those who are called to be children of God at a later date. Satan cannot dominate those who are elect, chosen to be redeemed.

(12) Demonic possession as the spirits of the sinners are open to demons. However, those who are elect cannot be possessed, but can be oppressed if they live with or practice communication with some of the demonic activities.

(13) Constant sinning. The coactions of sin render the sinners unable not to sin. A sinful man cannot but continue in sin. Any apparent good deed is only superficial and an aid to continue in sin. Behavior control and socially accepted behaviors are cosmetic improvement.

(14) Constant unrelenting desire and activity to entice everyone else into sin. For example, a famous show hostess declared that we should never trust any man or woman who is virgin, and everyone must have as much sex as possible to be normal.

(15) Constant living in fear and anxiety. Anxiety is unfocused fears. Fear is the opposite of love. Terror and hatred are commonly accepted as natural and normal by the sinners. Hatred, according to my definition, is feeling trapped in fear specific against a certain person.

(16) Inability to love truly and unconditionally. Love becomes an ephemeral feeling, a benefit, a cause and an arrangement.

(17) Inability to receive true love when provided from a child of God. Inability to comprehend the meaning or depth of selfless and unconditional love.

(18) Unbridled, impulsive, compulsive and perverted passions.

(19) Misery of sin and suffering in self and in the world. Pain, weakness and disease are normally expected in life.

(20) Pollution and propagation of pollution of sin.

(21) Self-condemnation and ego rejection. This is similar to an autoimmune disease.

(22) Entropy in the world as sin polluted the world.

(23) Moral and mental degradation (devolution and dissolution)

(24) Loss of mental equilibrium

(25) Weak or loss of will power.

(26) The intrusion of physical death, which is separation of body and soul (spirit), Genesis 3:19; Romans 5:12-21 and in 1 Corinthians 15:12-23.

(27) Eternal Death which does not mean annihilation, but rather eternal torment. This is the second Death which will prevail over all non-believers and social Christians.

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