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Can A True Believer Criticize Others

For those who did not read yet the great book: "Gossip, A Sweet Crime."

Criticism is three kinds:

(1) Positive Criticism :

Describing the errors in the behavior (not in the personality) and showing how to improve the behavior. It focuses only on the behavior.

Positive Criticism is done ONLY in the presence of the person in concern and NEVER behind his/her back.

(2) Negative Criticism :

Describing the negative behavior, or the shortcomings of the person, without showing the positive alternative.

Negative Criticism is always detrimental and comes from the Evil One.

(3) Deadly Criticism which is slander camouflaged as gossip.

It is clearly a grave sin, breaking the Ninth Commandment of God, which is ignored by the majority of Bible teachers and Christians.

This "gossip" is saying anything of negative nature or negative connotation or negative insinuation about someone absent, even if the slanderers believe that they are sharing a truth.

Any negative thing said about someone absent is a LIE, because the victim does not know exactly what is said about him/her and cannot defend or explain himself /herself.

Many pastors (Preachers) and Messianic rabbis run their business by talking negatively about some members who are absent. They think that this slander is justified to protect the church business.

Breaking any of the Ten Commandments is a heinous violation against God YHWH.

Most pastors "Preachers" and Jewish rabbis justify breaking the Ten Commandments in certain situations. This is why it is rare to find faithful committed and obedient believers.

I hope this will help you in your walk with ABBA YHWH our true and faithful Father.

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