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The Sources of Our Dreams

Interpretations of Dreams requires some knowledge about their origins and sources.

The Art of Understanding Dreams Origins

Dreams can be generated from A) Spiritual or B) Psychological or C) Physical origins.

A- Spiritually Generated Dreams

Revelation from God by direct intervention of God. This is the definition of Miracle: A miracle is an act done by YHWH in person and not through Secondary Causes, such as angels or people or quantum mechanics or other natural causes. All revelations are of local and personal application only.

Revelation form God through his messengers, the angels (not the demon angels). Such revelation is “local and personal” and if it reveals events in a larger context or larger scope, such as a country, they are to be taken in advisement but not as a fact. They are a fact for the receiver and his or her family.

No one has the right to or can claim that people must obey his or her revelations, otherwise they claim to be among the Twelve Apostles or they become Antichrist, vicars of Christ.

Demonic attempts to attack the true believers. These attempted attacks are aimed at:

A.Instilling fear, or

B.Disturbing their sleep and cause emotional fatigue, or

C.Leading them to make wrong false decisions, or

D.Introducing confusion(*1) in their lives, or

E.Attempting to plant seeds of anger or rage or violence, or

F.Attempting to rob them from their spiritual blessings, or

G.Attempting to weaken their faith in YHWH, or

H.Attempting to bring them into a spiritual or psychological bondage, or

I.Attempting to seduce them to sin.


*1 Confusion is mentioned in the Scriptures and it refers to mental problems. Indecision is not mental confusion. Indecision is a lack of correct information to make the right decision. Mental confusion is a deeper problem. Almost all counselors and psychotherapists do not understand the connection of demonic attacks to mental health and confusion.


Revelation from demonic entities to Christians false believers(*2) or to non-believers. They may contain some extra ordinary knowledge of events that actually occur, but this is a distraction to empower them.

Demonic communication to Christian false believers (*2) and to non-believers to keep them sinning, and to give them insights into making more money and enjoying every aspect of the physical sensual life. No wonder, those who obey the demons are the richest in our Churches and society.

One of the common false teaching in Churches and in Synagogues is that Abraham and Job, the true men of God were very rich, hence this is God’s calling to the Christians and the Zionists to be very rich. The Zionist Jews believe in this demonic teaching and they are the richest in the world and they are planning to rule all the people for one thousand years.

You need to choose for yourself, to be like Jesus Yeshua and the Twelve Apostles who were poor and who sold what they had (their houses) to give to the poor, or to be rich and live in a sensuous luxurious and powerful lifestyle.

Psychologically Generated Dreams

Processing unfinished emotional daily business. For example, if you had an embarrassing situation in a day, you dream about it at night and recover from such embarrassment.

Processing unfinished emotional past and old memories, such as past abuse, past trauma, and past victimizaitons.

Recall of old hidden memories through the senses of smell, heat, feeling temperature and familiar sounds. For example, a humid heat with iodine odor may bring back dreams and memories of your childhood when you had fun swimming at the ocean with your cousins. Your dreams will be a continuation of the fun memories you had then.

Exploring metaphors about the inner world and conflicts in the world. This is beyond the normal neurolinguistic understanding. Feelings which have no words to express can be processed metaphorically.

Attempting self-fulfillment, actualization and maturation in weaker areas. For example, if you cannot drive a car, you dream about driving cars.

❶❶ Gestalt representation and interaction with self. This has to do with acknowledging your existence in the environment you are in and resolving the wonder of why God created you.

Physically Generated Dreams

❶❷ Managing new or unexpected internal physical stimulation/ sensations during sleep. For example if a book on a shelf fell over you while you are asleep, your dreams will create a scenario to interpret such event while you continue to be unconscious.

❶❸ Subconscious psychologic interpretations of physiologic internal or external stimuli, such as, indigestion or back pain or over sweating during sleep. For example, we dream about inner physical feelings and try to put them in some coherent framework when we feel indigestion, acid reflux, urinary or gall stones, withholding urination, flatulence, muscles aches, congestion, headaches, and dental pain, which cause internal pain or internal sensations.

Now let us understand What are the Demonic or Angelic Communications?  Click here to go to that study.

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