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What About Forgiveness And Healing?

Forgiveness is an essential sign and a mark of the truly born-again redeemed believers. A person who constantly or usually refuses to forgive others, may not be truly born again believer, he or she may be a social Christian or a social Messianic Jew.

We owe forgiveness to everyone according to Matthew 18:21-35. YHWH haMashiah Christ forgave us a great debt of sin, how can we refuse to forgive others?

This does not mean that we cannot ask for our civil rights. Forgiveness does not contradict our rights for a full and equal compensation of our civil rights. We, however, may want to walk the second mile with our offenders by our choice.


When there are deep and multiple hurts, the forgiveness may be in layers. You may have to progress through these steps more than once and not necessarily in the same order. This does not mean you lack faith. Complete forgiveness and healing may happen slowly. But, it must be completed sooner than later.

Forgiveness is not only necessary for past hurts, but it is a needed practice for daily living as well. If forgiveness is exercised immediately when a hurt or an offense occurs, no resentment or anger will have the opportunity to develop roots in your being.

Lack of forgiveness is the root of many psychological (and at times demonic) problems.


   Step One: Forgive the offender:

If that person offended you because of poverty or a real need, then think about helping him further, i.e., walk the second mile with him: forgive the loss and the expense he caused you. You may also give him his needs as you can.

If you find that such offense is not due to a real need, such as poverty, then you do have the right to demand full compensation of the loss caused by the offender. Remember, one eye for one eye and one tooth for one tooth. Do NOT demand thousands or millions of dollars for emotional pain and suffering which are imaginary nonsense legalese used to victimize the people using the laws. The law is supposed to protect the victim, but instead, it is used by corrupt lawyers to victimize people. Do not follow their example, follow the Civil Law of Moses: one eye only for one eye as the maximum penalty, and one tooth only for one tooth as the maximum penalty.

   Step Two: Bless and Pray to YHWH to Bless the Offender:

Ask God to bless him or her in every way possible, spiritually, physically, socially, financially, at home, at work in every aspect of life.

Such a sincere blessing prayers will bring you closer to the throne of God.

Step Three: Forgive yourself:

Usually, the victims tend to blame themselves for the offenses they received. They may blame themselves for making the wrong choice of people or location, or saying something that triggered the perpetrator to abuse them. They may blame the way they are dressed or their God-given beautiful skin color as the cause of the violence and injustice they received.

The victim should never blame himself (herself). There is no reason and no excuse for anyone to commit an offense or a crime pretending that the victim asked for it.

Hence, it is necessary to reject all guilt. And if you are strongly convinced that you did something to cause the perpetrator’s violence, then it is important that you forgive yourself.

No one deserves to be mistreated, abused, used, or violated.

   Step Four: Forgive others who witnessed such offense:

A witness who does not stand actively against an offense is a participant in the offense.

For example, in certain schools when a principal or an assistant principal discriminates and falsely accuses an older or a non-white-skin teacher and the other teachers and assistant principals look away. These witnesses look the other way to keep their jobs and to keep their bonuses and extra advantages coming.

Such witnesses are participant in the vial act of these assistant principals and principals. The violated or falsely accused person needs to forgive everyone who witnesses such a demonic accusation and offenses.

You need to forgive everyone who witnessed the offense against you without actively standing up to stop such crime.

   Step Five: Repent to God of Your Resentment Against Him:

God neither sins, nor sins against you, nor tempts you with evil, nor wants you to be victimized. At the very same time, God allows the free will choices of men, even when such choices are sinful, offensive, and harmful to you and others.

From an emotional (psychological) point of view you may have unjustified anger against God for allowing this offense and hurt to occur to you.

God does not need to be forgiven because He never sins.

But, you need to release God from your grudges, anger, and resentment against Him, because, in your mind, you believe that God aided someone to hurt you.

You need to repent of your resentment and anger against God.

We trust God; He knows what He is doing, He is YHWH the only Lord, He is on our side, and His plans for us are for good even when people (Christians or not) offend us, slander us and abuse us.

   Step Six: Recognize and Assertively Express Your Thoughts and Feelings:

The assertive expression of anger is essential in completing the healing and the forgiveness.

Such recognition and expression are NOT the commonly used psychological venting techniques. It is NOT yelling, violence, and histrionic expression of emotions, but rather it is a cognitive recognition of our hurt emotions and the proper expression of our feelings and the affirmation of forgiveness and release of the offender.

This step prevents anger and victimization feelings from turning inward and causing repressed trauma.

   Step Seven: Spiritual Cleansing From Any Possible Demonic Bridges:

Spiritual Cleansing is ignored by almost all “goody two-shoes” pastors, preachers, elders, deacons, to the point that most believers have no idea what it is.

True born-again believers cannot be demon-possessed, but when they engage in a demonic activity, knowingly or unknowingly, they may end up with demonic bridges which allow demons to oppress them.

For example, in my practice (at least a thousand patients every year for more than twenty years) I noticed that when intense and irrational paranoia begins without any apparent reason between a husband and a wife, this usually indicates that the person who is intensely paranoid may have had sexual intercourse outside the marriage.

Any sexual intercourse creates a Flesh Union, described by Adam in Genesis 2:24. Any sexual intercourse outside the marriage creates a demonic bridge through this flesh union. God spoke and said, he who joins a harlot is no longer holy to Christ or to his/her spouse. For this reason divorce is forbidden except for adultery.

“Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ Mashiah? Shall I then take the members of Christ Mashiah and make them members of a harlot? Certainly not! Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For "the two," He says, "shall become one flesh,” 1 Corinthians 6:15-16.

Also, when someone is a victim of an offense, he or she may also become attached to a demonic bridge leading to their oppression and manifested as: refusal to forgive, intense hatred, trauma, even PTSD, and obsessive repetitive living in terror and feeling as a victim.

Spiritual cleansing is needed and necessary to assure that all evil is released and no evil can return to revisit.

Since almost all pastors, preachers, and leaders do not know how to perform true spiritual cleansing, we highly recommend that whenever you feel overwhelmed that you do the following:

     (1) Read the Shema Yisrael portion in the Scriptures.

       (2) Read the Lord’s Prayer portion in the Scriptures.

         (3) Read Psalm 23 in the Scriptures.

           (4) Keep up your daily Bible readings.

Do not give money to spiritual healers. A true faithful spiritual healer will help you free of charge. If there is a charge or request for donations, then you become a victim of the so called “men or women of God” who use the name of God YHWH in vain, falsely for their own gain. Those who care about the Lord’s work and healing do that out of their own pocket without recompense.

Remember, very few men can and do provide true spiritual healing, while many may pray and persuade people to feel better. Do not be deceived.

Other helpful scriptures: (Ephesians 4:32, Colossians 3:13 and Luke 6:37).

We hope that this study will help you heal and become more in the image of Yeshua Jesus Mashiah Christ.

Feel free to give your feedback through “Contact us Form.”

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