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Against Whom Do I Sin, If (When) I Sin?


What should I Do If I sin?

Every sin is not only a simple act against one person.

Every sin is a heinous act against five areas.

(1) When I sin, I sin against God. 

Sin is breaking, or ignoring, or changing one or more of the Ten Commandments of God.

I need to confess, repent, obey the Ten Commandments, NOT the Church’s interpretation of the Ten Commandments and NOT the rabbinic tradition of the Ten Commandments.

(2) When I sin, I sin against someone else.

I need to confess, repent, pay back in full and restore all honor, respect, damages. I can pay more as a gesture of regret and repentance. Zacchaeus paid four times more to the people of all the money he cheated them in.

(3) When I sin, I sin against witnesses of people.

People see me sinning or mocking or slandering or giving false reports or stealing. Such is a sin against them because I will not be a righteous role but an evil role in their eyes. Some of those witnesses may follow my example.

I need to confess to everyone present. I need to render the respect and honor to the person I slandered. I needed to clarify that I restored and will restore all damages. I need to promise them that I will never commit such a sin again.

(4) When I sin, I sin against a cloud of witnesses of angels (including demons).

I need to confess and declare loudly that I repent and declare the holy name of YHWH in repentance. I need to declare the covering of the blood of Yeshua the Messiah who covers my sins when I obey Him.

(5) When I sin, I sin against myself.

Every sin I commit is damaging to my spirit and grieving to the Holy Spirit of YHWH God.

I needed to confess and declare my repentance. And after the restoration of all damages, I need to declare my forgiveness only in the blood of haMashiah Christ.

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