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Intuitions Can we Trust Them?

I met many women who are adamant that their intuition is inspired by the Holy Spirit. I met few men who believe the same. Some women make decisions with full confidence based solely on their intuition.

I also noticed that some good Christian racist women have strong racist intuitions which tell them that people who have skin color or a different accent must be inferiors or perverts or thieves or problem makers or other things which I cannot imagine. And, they believe strongly that there feelings and intuition are coming from God.

The intuition phenomenon is predominantly a female domain, although men can have the same.

Therefore, I decided to write this article to explain what are the subconscious sources of women’s intuition.

Women’s intuition is NOT from the Holy Spirit.

Women’s intuition is the product of the woman’s deep seated embedded subconscious moods and feelings stemming from:

(1) Focused fears which are acquired through past experiences.

(2) Unfocused and undefined fears.

(3) Needs for completion and closure.

(4) Hopes and wishes of the outcome of the current event.

(5) Unfulfilled dreams.

(6) Unfulfilled acts, and unfinished business.

(7) Incomplete or broken or painful past relationships.

(8) Unprocessed grief and losses.

(9) Past pleasurable memories’ repertoires.

(10) Past repressed traumatic memories’ repertoires.

(11) Need to control her life and events.

(12) Need to control the people around her.

(13) Need for security and assurance.

(14) Egocentric points such as the need to be praised and be in the center.

(15) Dominant peer and group opinions about a person or an event.

(16) Projection which produces intense powerful emotions of self onto others.

(17) Transference or counter transference which are intense subconscious and irrational feelings towards someone.

Intuition does happen equally to men, but many men train themselves to evaluate their intuition logically, thus it appears of minor strength in men.

Women and men cannot figure out why such strong intuitions arise at times. Sometimes intuition brings a compulsive and very strong feelings.

Most women have profound confidence in their intuitions. When women are determined to achieve and fulfill their intuitions, they may claim that it is from God, which is not true.

They may believe that they are guided by the Holy Spirit who inspires them with these intuitions. This is a fallacy encouraged by pastors who believe that feelings are absolute reality.

Some women who had very strong intuitions regarding God and spirituality actually began successful Christian heretic cults because due to their unstoppable passions stemming from their intuitions.

Some women believe that there is a spiritual communication that comes to them from God or from angels. For example, a man or woman may feel that his or her son needs help and they find that it was true. Thus, they assume that this intuition (or premonition in this case) is from God or an angel. Actually, it may not be from God or angels, but there are factors which are beyond our five senses which do give us such feelings.

On very rare occasions, an angel may communicate with us to save someone. But, this is not intuition, this is a revelation or prophetic message. Intuition is neither a communication of the Holy Spirit nor of angels.

In conclusion: Intuition in general is always invalid. But, there may be factors and elements which deserve your attention. What women and men need to do is to analyze all the factors which make them feel the way they feel. Then, they need to address each factor and validate it if it is worthy to be addressed.

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