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When was Jesus born?

Please examine the graph below.


Please begin telling your children and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus on His true Birthday.


The graph below will show clearly the evidence that Jesus was born on or about the Day of Pentecost Shavuot.


By the way, kids are pure in heart (yet), they do not care when to celebrate a birthday. They just care about the gifts. They will love to have gifts on Pentecost.


Christmas is a pagan celebration. Why do faithful believers share pagan practices and beliefs?


When other Bible teachers differ regarding the date of the birth of Jesus, be ready to answer them and help them learn the simple truth which is very clear in the following graph.

A quick Summary of Evidence :

* The Angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she is pregnant by YHWH the Holy Spirit and not from any natural means. This announcement occurred after six months of the inception of John the Baptist which was around Passover.

* Therefore, Mary became conceived of the body of Yeshua Jesus around the Feast of Tabernacles. Thus the Word is fulfilled that YHWH tabernacles among us incarnate as Yeshua Jesus on the Feast of Tabernacles.

* Calculate nine months from that point and you shall find that the birth of Jesus was at the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot). The Pentecost is when the Word of God was given to Moses and also the birth of the Mesisah Jesus who is the Living Word of God given to us on Pentecost. Later the Holy Spirit is given to dwell in the bodies and the hearts of the true believers on Pentecost.

Shalom B'Shem YHWH Yeshua Jesus.

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