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Sharing Christian Books Foundation

SCB Foundation

A non-profit ministry to help faithful believers who may not have enough money or the means to buy Christian books.
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This list will be updated once a week.

The purpose is to share Christian (Messianic) books freely (no charge of any kind).

If you have books to give away, please let us know. (Use "contact us" page on this website, or use NextDoor messages)

Christian books should never replace the Bible. They may give us insight into the Bible and the prophecy.


The Bible is the only Word of God and the only measure of life and faith.


There are more than 3600 different Christian denominations. We do not judge.

Choose the books you desire and you can have them if they are available.

We share all books of all denominations except antichrist books which denies that Jesus Yeshua is God (Son of God).

If you disagree with a certain book, you can simply throw it away. There are many great pastors who teach wrong doctrines. Therefore, we do not judge. God alone is the Judge. But, we oppose only the antichrist teaching.

Click on the menorah below to access the list of the SCB books.

Choose what you want and contact us to receive them.

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