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What Were the Original Languages of the Holy Scripture?

The Scripture is inspired by the very person of God YHWH.

Moses wrote the Torah (First Five Books) in Hebrew.

Actually, Moses did not write the Book of Genesis. Adam wrote the first four chapters in Hebrew around the year 3030 BC. Then Adam handed them down to Methuselah who handed them to Noah. Noah took these manuscripts in the Ark. After the flood, Noah gave them to Shem (Sam). Shem added to them the inspired writing of Noah and gave them to Abraham. Abraham gave them to Isaac. Isaac gave them to Jacob. Jacob gave them to Judah. Judah gave them to his firstborn sons and finally they were given to Moses.

The remainder of the Hebrew Scriptures was written in Hebrew except for a few small sections which were written in Aramaic:

  • Genesis 31:47
  • Daniel 2:4b-49
  • Daniel 3
  • Daniel 4
  • Daniel 5
  • Daniel 6
  • Daniel 7
  • Ezra 4:8-24
  • Ezra 5
  • Ezra 6:1-18
  • Ezra 7:12-26
  • Jeremiah 10:11.

When the Messiah came (First Coming) the Apostles wrote the four Gospels, the Letters (Epistles) and the Book of Revelation in Hebrew and in Aramaic.

The Hebrew epigrapha disappeared. But, the Aramaic epigrapha remain and are preserved and used in the Eastern Babylonian Aramaic where Peter lived.

There are about 120 copies of these original writings by the hands of the Apostles (epigrapha) and they are all accurate and exact without variation.

Recently these original Apostolic writing are published in Aramaic and in English in the AENT (Aramaic English New Testament) which you can order by clicking on the following link (AENT).

It is possible that the Apostle Paul translated some his Letters into Greek as he introduces some of his letters by Paul and Timothy or Paul and Silas or Paul and Luke. the second name represents the translator approved by Paul. Such epigrapha in Greek is not present or if present is hidden some place.

We recommend to all to study the Hebrew and Aramaic Languages and to purchase the AENT for your edification. By the way, the Hebrew and Aramaic languages are intuitive and easier than you think.

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