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What is Sin?

What is Trespass?

Sin is a concrete act which is limited to: Breaking, or ignoring, or changing God’s Moral Law, the Ten Commandments.

   Sin is not a philosophical concept.

   Sin is not a matter of mind.

   Sin is not defined by how we feel.

   Sin is not determined as a violation of our conscious.

   Sin is not dependent on feelings or harm done to others.

   Sin is not defined by the people or societies or nations.

   Sin is not missing the mark or missing the target.

   Sin is not a comparative deficiency.

   Sin is not defined by pastors, or elders, or deacons, or rabbis, or others.

A trespass is breaking the boundaries of someone else. Breaking God’s Social Law as given to Moses or to the nations leads to a trespass and not a sin.

For example, stealing something from someone is a sin. It is breaking the 8th Commandment of God’s Moral Law.

But, misplacing some objects to annoy or frustrate someone is a trespass and it needs to be restored and confessed with all due respect and honor to the victim.

Breaking the Civil Laws can be either a sin or a trespass depending on the act if it violates the Ten Commandments or not.

A trespass can be remedied by restoration of the damages and respect returned.

A sin can be remedied only by blood. The blood of the Messiah is shed on the Cross (the Tree) to wash our sins and redeem us.

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