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What are the Angelic and Demonic Communications?

● Angels and Demons are not ET (Extra Terrestrial creatures). But rather, they are Inter-dimensional spiritual beings. The Scriptures call them “Hosts - Heb: Tsabaoth.”

● Demonic attacks and active demonic seductions to our hearts and minds are ignored by most Christians.

● Most Christians may react to demons in an extreme manner: (A) Either they deny that they exist at all, or (B) They begin to see a demon behind every bush.

● When you read the Scriptures and study the life and the acts of the Messiah Yeshua Jesus, you notice that angels (good obedient angels) and demons (fallen angels) are a reality and they are not to be feared if you are a true believer washed with the Blood of the Messiah, the Lamb of God.

● The Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation are broken by the Lamb of God. Satan and his demons have nothing on you, if you are a true believer(*2).

● Demonic attacks and communications to true believers occur and are intensified when there is a Spiritual Bridge. A Spiritual Bridge opens the road and the doors to demons even in the lives of the true believers. Spiritual Bridges are almost unknown among Christians, for this reason, I will expand a little more about it.


*2 False believers can be Pastors, Bible Teachers, Rabbis and men and women who appear to be godly, very pious and righteous in our eyes and in their eyes, but they had never been born from above. (See the Twenty Measures of Every True Believers, By Dr. David d’Albany). They may love God and love Jesus, but they are either being deceived by false beloved and popular shepherds (Pastors and Bible Teachers,) or they are being deceived by themselves believing that faith in Christ does not demand obedience or self-sacrifice.


What is a Spiritual Bridge

Which Can Be Between a True Believers and Demons?

To answer in points:

A.Any sexual relationship before marriage or any extra marital sex creates a "Flesh Union” with Baal, the harlot. Flesh Union is also called Soul Tie. But, demon worshipers use the term Soul Tie to indicate intimate relationship with their lovers on a spiritual demonic level. Therefore, we will not use the term Soul Tie. This Flesh Union is one of the Six Spiritual Bondage (Spiritual Curses). The sexual relationship before and outside the marriage remain physically and spiritually marked in the flesh, even in the DNA.

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 “Flee (hide and run away from) sexual immorality(*3). Every sin that a man or woman (boy or girl) does is outside the body, but he/she who commits sexual immorality(*3) sins against his/her own body. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of YHWH the Holy Spirit who is (lives) in you, whom you have from YHWH God and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price(*4); therefore glorify (obey) YHWH God in your body and in your spirit belong to YHWH God.”


(*3) Sexual immorality does not mean accidental nudity, or physical touching, or having physical fun activities.

Sexual immorality relates to erotic feelings, or oral sex, or intimacy in erogenous zones, or intercourse. For example, a french kiss is a prelude to oral sex and it is a “point of no return” to men and women and especially young men and young women.

Also, Yeshua Messiah Jesus added that the lust which is: (A) Erotic intention, or (B) Erotic desire (fancy) to have sex with a certain person, or (C) Erotic planning to have sex, are equally sexual immorality (fornication - Greek: pornia).

(*4) The price paid was extremely high, namely, the profound suffering and the blood of Yeshua the Son of God, YHWH the Messiah shed on the cross for your sins and for my sins. Romans 8:31-32

“What then shall we say to these things? If YHWH God is for us, who can be against us? He (YHWH) who did not spare His own Son (YHWH Himself), but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He (YHWH) not with Him (Yeshua YHWH) also freely give us all things?


B.If a single man or a single woman has any sexual intimate or intercourse under any name: (Dating, Hooking up, Trying out, Quickies, One Night Stand, Night on the Town, Love, Cuddling at Night, boyfriend girlfriend, hired prostitute and many other names ...etc.), or when a married man or a married woman have sexual relationship outside their marriage, then immediately a Spiritual Bridge is created through the Flesh Union. Such Spiritual Bridge opens the door wide to demons to come in and out at their will.

C.Every sin we commit is outside the body. But, sexual sin is in the body as it creates Flesh Union and also the exchange of DNA fragments both to the woman and the man. A Flesh Union in marriage is honorable and represents a mystery as God adopted His own children the ekklyssia. But, outside the marriage a Flesh Union is a Spiritual Bondage which opens the road wide for demons to come and visit at their will. True believers can be oppressed and even have mental confusion due to these open Spiritual Bridges from their past.

D.As a professional psychotherapist, I have seen clearly and consistently in married Christian families: new destructive feelings, rage, jealousies and even violence which all originated at a point of sexual relationship outside their marriage. The innocent victim, husband or wife is not aware of the adultery of his wife or her husband, but they are baffled by the new intense hatred, rage, jealousies and even violence. Sometimes, this continues for many years as the victim has no idea about the adultery of his wife (or her husband).

E.I have worked in professional counseling settings with Christians and Jews, in many clinics and settings, for about 25 years and I have seen about 1000 patients/clients every year. I find it to be true that 95% of divorces among Christians and especially when the woman says that her love to her husband had waned off, to be an adultery on the part of the woman which she keeps secret. And equally, men also believe that they have the right to commit adultery which destroys their marriages. The other 5% of divorces relate to friends’ or Family-of-Origin’s bad advices or mental diagnosis.

F.It is also essential to know that all past sexual relationships (outside the marriage) can remain as active Spiritual Bridges for demon to come in and out and visit the hearts and minds. Thus, it is not surprising to see women and men inflamed with strange and strong sexual passions and intense attraction or reaction when they are seduced by images or movies depicting their old lovers. Pornography, sex with children, bizarre sexual passions and relations also create Spiritual Bridge to demons. In secular psychology, they interpret all and call this “Unfulfilled Dreams and Wishes,” but these are actually Spiritual Bondage and the demons trigger these passions on a subconscious level.

G.A Spiritual Bridge is one of the Six Spiritual Curses which most Christians are not aware of. It needs to be cleansed through Spiritual Cleansing among all Six Spiritual Curses. It is very important to have the right qualified servants(*5) of God YHWH to help you in this Spiritual Cleansing. Otherwise, demons can keep visiting us. Demons use Hollywood movies, videos, dances, songs, seductive images, psychological false teachings and also Christian false teachings to keep the believers in a defeated position. When we are cleansed of the Six Spiritual Curses, then we will live in a much easier and victorious life with the Messiah, Abba YHWH.

H.When you need counseling and you have a pastor, (who may popular and attractive, but who may not be born again or who does not understand professional counseling), or a secular counselor or a Christian counselor who uses secular psychotherapy, you will receive a placating, palliative, feel good counseling. This will never lead you to real healing, but will lead you to adapt to your defeated spiritual life.

I.The most important point to learn is that adultery and sexual freedom is not just simply an appetite for an ice cream or for a forbidden ice cream, but rather it is demonically empowered, directed, seduced and controlled. For this very reason, I say with confidence that any man or any woman who is unfaithful (as a lifestyle) in his or her marriage CANNOT be truly born from above, i.e., regenerated from YHWH the Holy Spirit, because he/she allows and invites demonic presence in him/her. YHWH the Holy Spirit cannot live in such a house (heart, mind and body). Adultery is not just a mistake or a passion gone out of control. The more we submit and worship the demons and their master Satan, the more we live like and look like the world. Sadly, some pastor live exactly like the world while they use the name Jesus constantly.

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