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Who Are The Trustworthy Christian and Pastoral Counselors?

Here are Some Facts


There are certain facts which are ignored by most Christians:

(1) Pastors do NOT learn counseling in seminaries. There may be a couple of courses on counseling, but, they are extremely superficial.

(2) Pastors cannot and do not learn the principles of counseling outside the seminaries, even if they are pastors (managing churches) for thirty years.

(3) Many pastors assume wrongly that by virtue of their employment, (they call it falsely anointing), they can counsel everyone on almost everything in life. This is false. Most pastors are ignorant of the art of professional counseling.

(4) Most pastors have no “real” boundaries, ethical or moral to protect the people. Each pastor imagines his and her own limits based on their personality and clients. This is very dangerous. I recommend to all pastors and people to pretend or attempt to do counseling to apply the same exact boundaries as Professional Psychotherapists do to protect their clients.

(5) Some pastors believe that the boundaries between “Pastoral Counseling” and “Family Counseling or Professional Counseling” are very thin. This is an absolute lie. If they know the difference they would discover that the boundaries are as a high and as thick as a solid wall. Their personal opinion gives them permission to dabble and to cause more harm, but they make the client feel good.

(6) True pastoral counseling should be limited to: (A) Reading the scriptures that apply to life situation, and (B) Reminding the people of the scriptures. Anything outside the scriptures may reflect personal arrogance, hence iniquity on the part of the pastors and counselors.

(7) Pastors who are happily married should NOT do marriage counseling.

Only a “Wounded Healer” may provide marriage counseling.

● Some pastors brag (arrogantly) that they are married for thirty or forty years, thus they must be good marriage counselors. This is false. They did not go through the pain and suffering of difficult or unfaithful spouse; They cannot counsel others through their pain and suffering.

(8) All pastors (with very few exceptions) have no idea what are the spiritual Curses or Spiritual Bondage. They may pretend to pray and to heal, but they invent what appears to them as right. If the people like it and feel good then they repeat it over again and collect a lot of money. This is Not Spiritual Cleansing. There are certain principles to follow to bring complete cleansing.

(9) Pastors, if they do counseling other than reading Bible verses, are actually intermingled in Dual Relationship. Dual relationships are forbidden by the law and ethics of Professional Counseling. Most pastors have no idea what is Dual Relationships.

(10) Most pastors and Christians have a completely wrong impression of Professional Counseling, whether it is due to ignorance or bad teaching. They assume that counseling is telling the people what they should do and how they should feel.

● Telling the people what they should do is diametrically opposed to counseling. It creates blind sheep who follow their FALSE shepherd, their master who eats his sheep.

● False counseling and demonic teaching keep the people locked under the domination of the Counselor (Pastor - Master - lord Baal) and deprives them of their real freedom for the sake of a sense of false safety and approval of their master.

(11) Biblical Counseling empowers the people to have true freedom of will as God created them to be.

● This God given Free Will may lead some of them to continue on sinning or destroying their lives, but this is the nature of the Free Will created by YHWH God: He created us as free men and free women to obey and to love Him. YHWH God did not create as slaves in our hearts, or our minds, or our bodies. But, He demands our free will obedience and love to Him.

Real counseling affirms God’s creation and man’s free will.

● This situation applies equally in the Mystery of Marriage: The woman must out of her free will: Love, obey and be faithful to her husband. The man out of his free will must: Love, protect and be faithful to his wife. No one should control or dominate the feelings, the thoughts or the actions of the other. Many people would say, then marriage is unpredictable. The answer is, yes. But, we out of our free will love, obey and remain faithful to YHWH our God and equally to our spouses.

● This is the reason why the Apostle Paul finds a parallel equality in our relationship as the Ekklyssia of YHWH to the mystery of marriage between one man and one woman.

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