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Open Scientific Letter from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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Scientific Facts from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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FACTS about Vaccines and Coronavirus

First before I start, I like to introduce myself, Dr. David d'Albany. I was a Microbiologist responsible for two medical labs and I participated in research in preparation of the older type, safe vaccines not the new types which are poisonous because they add several foreign and some toxic chemicals to them.

The information in this page are facts based on current experts in virology: Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Hakim Jebali. I have their video assessment and testimonies. If you wish to have a copy of their medical testimonies, please let me know (use Contact Us Page).

Here are the facts:

(1) Coronavirus is not the normal flu virus. It may have begun with the flu virus, but some crazy scientists incorporated in it segments of DNA and RNA of several animals. It is a retrovirus (not typical Coronavirus). It has characteristics of SARS, EBOLA, HIV, and other animal virus (DNA/RNA) from pigs, bats, dogs, cows and others.

(2) There is NO vaccine against COVID19. The incorporation of SARS, EBOLA, HIV makes it impossible to create a vaccine. The same as there is no vaccine against SARS, EBOLA, HIV, and MERSA. Some people claim that there is a small percentage of resistance to these viruses achieved by the vaccines, but such claim is not widely supported.

(3) The vaccine which they pretend to have achieved is an RNA (which Bill Gates funded). You should NEVER put RNA or DNA in a vaccine. As such, this new vaccine is a Retrovirus not a vaccine. This vaccine is called by Bill Gates "Moderna" which probably means "MODifiER of your RNA/DNA."  This modification to your DNA will take over your entire body within a few months or a year or two. Even, it will modify the DNA in the sperms and ovi which means that the next generation will have this hybrid DNA (partly human and partly animal).

(4) The crazy scientists say that this RNA will take over your cells and will make them generate their own vaccine. This is pure hogwash. GOD YHWH created in man the ability to defend itself against intrusive pathogens. Why does Bill Gates and these Frankenstein scientists want to modify our DNA?

(5) The incorporation of RNA or DNA as a retrovirus vaccine will modify the cellular genetic material in your body. one tissue after another, one region in your body after another. This is a modification of your normal human genome into a hybrid mix with animal DNA. This change is permanent in your body.

(6) Dr. Judy A. Mikovitz said that there are about 32 diseases which were transmitted to humans through vaccines and which are never declared as vaccine related. They are called natural diseases but they are not natural. These are several types of cancer, chronic fatigue, and multiple syndromes. Apparently, these are kept as secrets for the top echelon in the scientific community for their research games. They are using humans as guinea pigs research animals.

(7) Bill Gates, as he stated, will incorporate a Quantum Micro Chip in the vaccines to give a number to each human and this number will identify a social and financial value for each human.  Such system will supercede the Social Score Chinese Communist system, because it can identify the people and their contacts and their political value in crypto-currency value. And, Bill Gates, Fauci, Birks and their friends will increase their fortunes to become multi Trillionnaires.

(8) The proposed vaccine for the Coronavirus (COVID19) will lead to more diseases and selective death of certain categories of people.

(9) The honorable President D. Trump and the honorable Vice President M. Pence are not aware of the false numbers and false information they are getting from Dr. Birks and Dr. Fauci and their friends. Did Pence promote the New World Order which includes depopulation of most of humanity? We do not know. Did Trump promote the New World Order? We do not know. Why did President Trump promote the vaccination? We do not know.

(10) The vaccine provided for COVID is not a vaccine at all. It is an experimental genetic modification which uses millions of humans as guinea pigs. This is aligned with the false evolution theory of Darwin and the Globalists which states that we are animals and can be used as live-stock.

This information is gathered from top virologists and it is factual. We ask you to pray so that the faithful believers do not suffer such horrific times.

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