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Which God Do You Worship?

Except for intellectual atheists, everyone else claims to worship the true God. Therefore, it is important to delineate and understand Whom do you worship.

We will contrast the different major faith movements in the world.

(1) Practical Atheists believe in some Karma or Force or Luck, but not a God. On a deeper psychological level, in their inner personality layers, they may believe in a God, but they attempt constantly to deny Him.

(2) Animists believe in gods manifested in and represented by images, idols, or nature. They consider their gods to be good or bad depending on the benefits they gain: their feelings, gains, losses and desires.

(3) Satanists and Cultists believe in two gods, a good god and evil god. They mostly acknowledge Lucifer as the most powerful god. Some Christians conduct Black Mass to worship Lucifer in churches. Some Christians are cultists and or Luciferians.

(4) Humanists believe in mankind as the absolute authority even above any god. They may be Christians, or Jews, or Satanists, or Occultists. They are usually philanthropists. They may give time and money for humanistic causes. They may believe in a god who is weak, or asleep, or dead. They may be very active in Christian or Jewish ministries.

(5) Muslims believe in one god who originated from the Moon god at the time of Mohamed their prophet. Initially, Mohamed declared that all the gods worshiped by the Arabs, in Mecca in Sair Hijaz, were equal and good. Later, he changed his mind and declared one god after consulting with an Ebionite priest. Muslims claim that their god “Allah” is the same god of the Jews and Christians, but he is not the same, even though the word “Allah” is used to translate the word “Elohim” from Hebrew.

(6) Christians believe in One God, yet they promote the Augustinian theology of Three Persons in One God. Probably they do that because they cannot come up with a better theory (hypothesis). Or, probably they do that just to reject the Jewish faith and understanding of God as One. Three persons mean three gods. For this reason, the Christians are accused by the Muslims and the Jews as being polytheistic.

In fact, Christians are Not polytheistic, but they simply follow the Church teaching which can be erroneous oftentimes.

Christians can be classified into three categories:

  (A) Nominal Christians who are Not born-again. They are the grand majority in every church, even in conservative and Bible believing churches. Their god is whatever is conducive, convenient and trendy. Their percentage may exceeds 90% of all the active members of all churches including Messianic Jewish synagogues.

  (B) Innocent Christians who love God and want to know and serve God. But, their leaders, called Pastors or Messianic Rabbis, and Teachers are keeping them blind by their Church interpretation of the Bible.

   For example, they teach them falsely that they must give all their Tithes and Offerings to the Church and Christian ministries. This is contrary to what Jesus said to give all your Tithes and Offerings to the poor and the needy who represent Christ.

   Another example, they teach that all what God wants is that you attend the Church building, its meetings and serve the Church functions and projects. This is a lie which is contrary to the Scriptures.

   Another example, these Innocent Christians were never taught that the Sabbath, since the creation of the worlds until today, is always on Saturday. They follow the lies of the false teachers who call themselves men and women of God, who appear pious and claim falsely the name of the Lord. They do not teach the truth that the change to Sunday was a pagan amalgamation when the Church was created in June 325 AD by Emperor Constantine and the arrogant Bishops who claim that they were inspired by God. Sunday is the Sun-god Day.

These innocent Christians are hypnotized through the sweet preaching in believing that they are obeying the Scriptures only.

  (C) Faithful Messianic Believers are extremely small in number (see point 8 below). They are those who bypass the teachings of the Church and relate ONLY and DIRECTLY to the Scriptures. They may attend Church meetings but not as believers in the Church or the pastors, but rather to connect with the believers to help and serve them. They honor God’s Sabbath not the Sun-god Sunday Sabbath, even though they may attend Sunday meetings.

(7) Jews believe in One God YHWH. On the other hand, Jews reject or misunderstand God’s nature as revealed by God Himself. They do not understand or accept that the Holy Spirit “Ruah haQodesh” is the very same God YHWH. They do not understand or accept that Jesus Yeshua haMashiah is the Son of God “Ben Elohim.” The Rabbis made sure to blind the faithful Jews by their thousands of rules and regulations to forbid them from understanding and believing in God according to God’s revelation.

At the same time, some great Jews, the Qaraites, reject the rabbinical teachings, yet they reject also the Messiah Jesus Yeshua.

(8) Messianic Hebrews believe in One God YHWH who is triune in nature. The Aramaic language refers to the triune nature of God as “Oqnums” and Not as persons.

They acknowledge that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one person triune in nature. They acknowledge that the redemption offered by the Messiah Jesus cannot be offered except if the Messiah is the very person of God YHWH. No creature could offer the complete atonement for mankind except the very person of God YHWH Himself. The Judge offered Himself, hence He offered Ben Elohim, as the full payment to redeem those whom He chose as His Messianic Elect believers. All true Messianic believers, whether of Hebrew or gentile origin, are called properly by God as the Family of God, the Messianic Hebrew Believers.

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