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Did God say that

Women should NOT teach men in the Ekklyssias?

Or, women should NOT teach men in the Church?

This has been a controversial question. It is important to listen to what God teaches and not to what men think as more appropriate.

The Scriptures were written by God to His Congregations (the Ekklyssia). God spoke through His Apostles. He said to His Ekklyssia (Congregations) that women should NOT teach men.

The Church, however, is a human invention. The Church is a Socio-Pyramidal-Political-Religious Organization. This means that it is a business or a club. It was not established by Christ, but rather it is a Human Organization, almost exactly as the Clinton Foundation or George Soros Foundations. Therefore, God did NOT say that women cannot teach men in the Church. Women can do anything in the Church. Imagine that the Clinton Foundation hired an evangelical pastor and he began to teach something good from the Gospels, then the Clinton Foundation become immediately a fully recognized as a Church among and equal to all other churches.  Without any change other than talking about Jesus for twenty minutes a week.  The Church is simply an organization.

The Church makes two false claims:

(1) The Church claims to be the Ekklyssia of Jesus Christ which is utterly false. At best, the Church represents an Antichrist; it declares falsely that it has the authority and the word of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

(2) The Church rejects the Word of God and reinterprets the verses claiming that God did not say that women should not teach men.

The Church opposes the clear Word of God by degrading God’s Word to be equal to men’s teachings. This is almost the same as did the rabbis by writing the Mishnah and the Talmud and claiming it to be equally inspired by God.

In this article we will discuss very briefly what the Word of God teaches and also we will demonstrate (33) thirty-three Church false interpretations regarding these verses.

The Biblical Texts which treats this subject are:

1 Timothy 2:8-15: “I desire therefore, that men may pray in every place while they lift up their hands with purity, without wrath and without disputations. So also, that women (appear) in a chaste fashion of dress; and that their adorning be with modesty and chastity; not with curls or with gold, or with pearls, or with splendid robes; but with good works as is becoming to women who profess reverence for Elohim. Let a woman learn in silence, with all submission: for I do not allow a woman to teach or to be assuming over the man; but let her remain in stillness (quiet). For Adam was first formed, and then Eve. And Adam was not seduced, but the woman was seduced and transgressed the command. Yet she will live by means of her children, if they continue in the faith and in love, and in being Set Apart (sanctified), and in wisdom."

What the Bible is teaching here is simple and clear: “In the ekklyssias, women are not to teach men about the Bible or about Theology.”

Titus 2:1-6: “But as for you, preach the things that belong to wholesome doctrine. And teach the older men to be watchful in their minds and to be sober, and to be pure, and to be sound in the faith, and in love and in patience. And so also the elder women that they be in behavior as is becoming to the Fear of Elohim; and not to be slanderers; and not to be addicted to much wine; and to be teachers of beautiful things, making the younger women to be modest, to love their husbands and their children, to be chaste and Set Apart and to take good care of their households and to be obedient to their husbands, so that no one may reproach the Word of Elohim. And likewise

encourage young men to be sober.”

The Bible teaches here, in Titus 2, that women can teach when two conditions are met: (1) They are “older women.” (2) They teach younger women.

1 Corinthians 14:34-36: “Let your women be silent in the assembly: for it is not permitted them to speak, but to be in subjection, as also Torah says. And if they wish to be informed on any subject, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is unbecoming for women to speak in the assembly. What was it from you that the Word of Elohim came forth? Or did it reach only to you? And if anyone among you thinks that he is a prophet, or that he is spiritual, let him recognize the things which I write to you as being the commandments of our Master.”

The Bible teaches here that women are NOT permitted to speak or to rule over men in the ekklyssia with regard to teaching. It teaches that women need to learn and share the Word of God with their husbands at home. This places a high responsibility on the men.

Conclusion: The Bible confirms the same message in several locations in the Bible without contradiction that women are not to teach men the Bible or theology.


Let us examine the predominate teachings of the Church which, as you will see, are in direct opposition to the Scriptures:

[1] The Church teaches falsely that God wrote the New Testament to the Church. This is false because the Church was created by Emperor Constantine and hundreds of arrogant bishops in June 325. The Church pretended then and now that it is established by Jesus on the Day of Pentecost, which is totally false. The Day of Pentecost was when YHWH dwelt in the bodies of the faithful Messianic (Netzarim) believers, thus the Temple in Jerusalem became no longer the House of God. The Messianic believers became the Temple (House) of God. The Day of Pentecost has nothing to do with the Church.

[2] The Church teaches falsely that these words of Paul were addressed to a local congregation only and were not meant for other congregations. They also called it falsely, the Church of Corinth.  There was no Church in Corinth, but there were hundreds of Messianic ekklyssias (assemblies) in Corinth. Besides, the idea of local limited teaching is false because all the Scriptures are inspired by God for all people throughout all the ages.

[3] The Church teaches falsely that these words of Paul cannot be applied in our modern and advanced culture. This is false because God’s Word is good for all ages and all people. When we reject any part of the Scriptures, then we become Antichrists, determining Christ’s teachings based on our own culture and intelligence.

[4] The Church teaches falsely that these words of Paul were written thousands of years ago to a completely different culture and time, hence they are irrelevant to us today. This is false and it contradicts the inspiration of God where every dot and letter will be fulfilled and remains valid.

[5] The Church teaches falsely that “A text out of context is a pretext for a proof text.” This is false because the Text (Word) of God is succinct and effective in all contexts. While the context is valuable in better understanding, yet the context never annuls the validity of any verse for all ages and to all people. People who claim that they should not understand unless they know about the context (cultural and historical environment) are modifying the Word of God to mean something other than the straightforward clear meaning. The context becomes a means to invalidate the Word of God which is a philosophical manipulation.

[6] The Church teaches falsely that today’s culture is the only decisive authority in the lives of the Christians. This is false but it is the main teaching of the New Age Christianity which is infiltrating most churches now.

[7] The Church teaches falsely that it has the Holy Spirit of God, hence its understanding of the Bible is equal to God’s understanding. Thus the Church claims divine infallibility by the authority of the Holy Spirit. The Church feels that it is not obligated to follow the letter of the Scriptures, but rather the spirit behind it. This is false, because (1) The Church is a human institution, a business. It is a Socio-Pyramidal-Political-Religious organization. (2) The Church does not have the Holy Spirit. (3) This is a rejection of the Scripture. (4) A rejection of the Scripture is a rejection of the Author of the Scriptures, YHWH Jesus. The Church cannot claim to possess or have the Holy Spirit while rejecting YHWH Jesus who is One God with the Holy Spirit.

[8] The Church teaches falsely that such teaching about women’s silence is a minor ritual with no major significance. This is false because a woman who is not submissive to God, is not submissive to her husband and will not be submissive to God’s Word. Thus, to reject God’s teaching in this subject is truly a serious issue.

[9] The Church teaches falsely that this expression “women should not teach men and must be silent” is not obligatory but is a suggestion similar to “greet each other with a kiss.” This is false because: (1) Kissing was the cultural manner of greeting and it continues now in Europe. While women restriction from teaching is against the culture then and now. (2) Kissing was a sign of warm friendship, love and care for the others. This is different from setting the rules of who can or cannot teach the Bible or theology.

[10] The Church teaches falsely that the intent was the goal of Paul and not the actual practice. It teaches that the purpose of this command was that women need to stop argumentation with each other and with men. This is false because: (1) If we hold that the intent matters more than the letter, then the Word of God has no value at all. (2) If we hold that the goal was to have a conducive and quieter environment in the meetings, then the goal justifies the means which is a contradiction to God. In God the means and the goals are one and the same. (3) If we hold that the purpose was to reduce argumentation, then men also need to be silent and not teach which is opposite to the Scriptures as men are commanded to teach.

[11] The Church teaches falsely that to ask women not to teach men is restrictive and not normative. This is false because God NOT the Church decides what is normative to everyone and what is restrictive. All the Word of God is normative to everyone in all ages and in all cultures. Whether the Church regards restrictive instruction as limited in time or to some women or a violation of contemporary rights is not a reason to cancel God’s Word. The Word of God is absolute even if someone feels or thinks it to be restrictive.

[12] The Church teaches falsely that the Bible approves women prophetesses and as such, they are teachers of men. This is false because prophecy is a word of knowledge. It is usually a personal word of knowledge and it may apply to self or the immediate family. Prophecy is not applicable to the Ekklyssia or the congregations of Christ unless it is written in the Scriptures. Prophecy is not teaching the Bible or theology. Although the Scriptures are called “Word of Prophecy,” yet the gift of prophecy which is given to men, women, and little children is personal word of knowledge.

[13] The Church falsely teaches that if women cannot teach, then women should not sing because singing is a form of teaching. This is false because singing is NOT teaching the Bible or theology. Singing is an expression of the heart and a prayer before God.

[14] The Church falsely teaches that the Holy Spirit decides who is anointed and who is called to preach and to teach. The Holy Spirit must be allowed to call anyone including women even if the Scriptures stated that women cannot teach. This is false because YHWH is the Father Avinu, the Son Ben Elohim and the Holy Spirit Ruah haQodesh, One God at the same time. God does not change and definitely does not change His mind or His Word. In fact, in many churches, people self declare anointed by God and thus they assume that they have full authority to teach and no human can stop them. Such is false teaching.

[15] The Church falsely teaches that women must teach men because both men and women are “holy priesthood,” hence they are supposed to teach each other equally. 1 Peter 2:5: “And you also, as living stones, are built and become spiritual temples and Set Apart priests for the offering of Spiritual Sacrifices, acceptable before Elohim through Yeshua Jesus the Mashiyach Messiah.” The teaching of the Church is false because the sacred priesthood given by God to every elect man or woman. This holy priesthood refers to his/her stand in intercession and access to God. Also, the priesthood does not apply to teaching. Women are prayer warriors and they have a great ministry. The limitation is only to their teaching men the Bible and theology.

[16] The Church falsely teaches that women are to teach and instruct men based on the principle of “equal shared authority in their household” in 1 Corinthians 7, 11. This is false because while a woman is an equal partner to her husband, she may not teach other men. Furthermore, the woman needs to support and love her husband and not to dominate him whether they are at home alone or in a gathering studying the Bible. And also, God mentioned such situation and stated that women need to ask their husbands at home. 1 Corinthians 14:34-35: Let your women be silent in the assembly: for it is not permitted them to speak, but to be in subjection, as also Torah (the Five Books of Moses) says. And if they wish to be informed on any subject, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is unbecoming for women to speak in the assembly.”

[17] The Church falsely teaches that Paul wrote that women should not speak or teach to prevent the “hetairai” and the “pornai” women from taking charge of the congregations. The “hetairai” were upperclass women who were girlfriends of single men or married men. Such practice was respected then and now. They are similar to sweet girlfriends today who are in sexual relationships, whether monogamous or free, with many single men or married men. The “pornai” were sweet women who were available for quick friendship (hookup) and one-night-stand. Corinth was filled with women who offer their sexual services to men as holy offerings to Aphrodite. Such practice is called sacred prostitution. The “hetairai” and the “pornai” loved to attend the Messianic congregations. The “hetairai” were eloquent and they loved to win conversations and seduce men. Hence, the Church falsely claims that this was a particular situation addressed by Paul. This is false because the inspired Word of God is good for all people and is not made by personal or special motivation or reason.

[18] The Church teaches falsely that Paul mentioned that women should not teach because of pagan women outbursts. This is false because there were also pagan men present, hence he should have said no one should teach or all should teach. The context has nothing to do with and does not address curbing pagan outbursts.

[19] The Church claims falsely that Paul did not really say do not teach, but rather: do not proclaim, do not chitchat, do not rant, do not nag, do not argue, do not dispute. This is false because the Scriptures states clearly “do not teach.”

[20] The Church teaches falsely that Paul did not really say that women should not teach men, but rather he was quoting a paragraph from Greek or Roman maxims and it should be between quotation marks. Thus, it is not the teaching of God, but just a quotation to which he responded at the end of the chapter. This is false because it is not a quotation nor a response to a cultural maxim. That was the true Word of God, direct, clear and simple. Also, it is repeated in other verses.

[21] The Church teaches falsely that women were allowed to teach, but they were not allowed to have the title “Teacher of the Law.” This is false, the Scriptures declares that women are not to teach men in theology (the Bible) which is the subject matter in these verses. It has nothing to do with the title.

[22] The Church teaches falsely that women are allowed to teach now as they are qualified pastors and ministers when finished their theological education in different seminaries. This is false because: (1) Today, a seminary graduate is called anointed by God to be a pastor or a preacher. This is anointing by men and never by God. (2) Seminary education is, in my opinion, a must for everyone, all men and all women because the Churches’ teaching is at best mediocre. Twenty minutes a week which are oftentimes not real Bible study is a famine. Everyone needs to study the Bible seriously and even go to seminaries. But, this does not become a qualification or an obligation to be a “pastoress” or “preacheress”. Thus the Church cannot cancel the Word of God by claiming that the women today are better educated or highly qualified.

[23] The Church teaches falsely that these verses need to be rejected because they demand the subjugation and subjection of women to men. This is false because these verses teach silence and listening, not slavery or subjugation. Women are not subjugated to men, but a wife while honoring her husband as the head of the household, is subjugating herself to her husband and only to her husband. Some pastors abused this and claimed that they are the Head of single women in their churches since they have no husband yet. Their teaching is false, abusive and Antichrist teaching.

[24] The Church teaches falsely that we should understand the words “I suffer not” [Greek ouk épitrepw] as I, at the present time, do not allow, hence in the future I allow. This is a false grammatical interpretation because: (1) The use of the present tense does not eliminate the future. The Aramaic and Hebrew tense is called “imperfect tense” and it means an action in the present throughout the future. (2) If Paul intended that such restriction to be cancelled in the future, he would (or God would) have indicated this with a simple adverb such as “now”. God did not indicate such limitation of time.

[25] The Church falsely teaches that the focus of these verses is not on forbidding women from teaching, but forbidding women from usurping the authority of the men by the means of being quiet. This is false because the verses indicated both actions: the “not teaching” and “not usurping.”

[26] The Church teaches falsely that from the creation, man and woman are equal, hence it would be contradictory for God to forbid women from teaching men. And, men cannot be superior to women in anyway. This is a false teaching because the issue here has to do with teaching and not a superiority or inferiority. A student may know more than his teacher, but the student must sit quietly and let the teacher teach. This is respect to authority and does not mean superiority or inferiority.

[27] The Church teaches falsely that if women cannot teach, then they should not pray. This is false because prayer is not teaching. Prayers are talking with and relating to God directly.

[28] The Church teaches falsely that if women cannot teach, then they should not speak in tongues. This is false because speaking in tongues conveys a word of knowledge which is personal and limited to the woman or her immediate family. Women and men are responsible for their immediate family members, hence a word of knowledge is appropriate. But, if the woman claims that through this speaking in tongues, she became anointed by the Holy Spirit God, and now she claims to carry the “Word of God, then she is definitely becoming an Antichrist.

[29] The Church teaches falsely that at the time of Paul, men and women sat separately and there was a wall (mechitzah) between them, thus women had to yell from the other side to talk to their husbands. You can observe a similar wall at the Western Wall in Jerusalem today. This is false teaching because the wall was in the synagogues NOT in the ekklyssias. The ekklyssia had no walls and God stated that all are equal. Slaves sat next to their masters. Men sat next to their wives.

[30] The Church teaches falsely that since Paul mentioned that women should speak to their husbands at home, then it does not apply to single women, hence it applies only to married women who are yelling at their husbands. This is false, because God’s Word is absolute. If God wanted to apply it only to married women, they God could have used a simple adjective “married women” NOT “women”.

[31] The Church teaches falsely that these verses that deal with women’s silence in the ekklyssias are limited to decorum and public order only. This is false, because all the Word of God came from the mouth of God and it is of spiritual and literal meanings at the same time. Decorum has to do with civil organization. God does not tell us if we should have the fork on the left side or the right side. The issue here is spiritual and has to do with Eve’s domination of her husband and God’s established spiritual authorities.

[32] The Church teaches falsely that it is demeaning of women to ask them to be silent or not to teach. This is false because respect to authority does not demean anyone. This is a simple matter of respect to authority established by God.

[33] The Church teaches falsely that the command for women to be silent is related to and limited to certain times and modes of learning when the Apostles were present visiting the congregations. This is false because

(A) there is no evidence that such command of women “not to teach and to be quiet” is related to the presence of the Apostles’ presence.

(B) Such command is a general command and has no modifiers in time or in place or in presence of certain Apostles.

Conclusion: Women are to be silent in the Ekklyssias (the true Congregations of Jesus Christ). And, women are NOT to teach men either the Bible or Theology in the Ekklyssias.


As concerning the Church, since the Church (all Church denominations) is a man-made organization, whatever they decide to do is good for the Church. The Church should never claim to be obedient to Christ or to be the extension of the ekklyssia (the Congregation of the Elect of Christ).

Furthermore, the Church should not take the Word of God as a pretext to opress women and to make men only the top of its pyramid; as they collect directly and indirectly, openly and discretely all benefits (donations) to themselves.

If you have any comment, please feel free to let us know. You can send it through the [CONTACT US] page.

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