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Is Yeshua (Jesus) the Very Person YHWH?


The Trinity doctrine is not in the Bible. It was formulated by Tertullian and Augustine, then it became the orthodox standard dogma for the Church until today.


The Trinity doctrine claims that God is three persons who share the same nature and substance. Such doctrine has explicit and implicit polytheism which Christian theologians do not intend to have. They simply apply the Greek philosophies and frame of mind on God who is One, not three. Or, we can put it in a simpler manner: they do not understand God as the Hebrews did. 


The clear Word of God states “Hear Israel, YHWH Eluhenu (our God) is One YHWH.”

Upon examination of the original Aramaic text of the Apostolic epigrapha, printed in the AENT Bible, we see clearly that God is One Person, One Essence (nature) triune in nature. God Elohim is NOT three persons.


YHWH is Elohim Avinu (God our Father). YHWH is Ben Elohim (the Son of God). YHWH is Ruah haQodesh (the Holy Spirit). The Messiah is ben Elohim, the Son of God. He is not another God or another Person of a Trinity, but He is the very person of YHWH.


The Messiah came in the flesh, hence the human nature. The Messiah Yeshua Jesus’ human nature remains a perfectly human nature in full submission to God’s Divine nature without separation and without confusion. For this reason, the Scripture describes the First Fruit offering (Bikkurim) of Yeshua Jesus as “the First resurrected of the dead among many other brothers who are the chosen Messianic Hebrews.


In this capacity, Yeshua Jesus, the Messiah is worthy to be the eternal Lamb of God, hence the sacrifices at the House of God, the Temple in Jerusalem, ceased.

In the Garden of Eden (Gan ‘Eden) Elohim God killed the first lamb as a type of the Lamb of God. He commanded Adam and Eve to offer such typical sacrifice of blood of animals once a year, on the Day of Atonement Yom Kippur to cover them, until the true Messiah who is the eternal Lamb of God came.

Abraham was commanded to offer his son Isaac as a type of the lamb of God, but then God provided a lamb and saved Isaac. This also was a type of the redemption and salvation of the chosen believers by the blood of the Messiah, the Lamb of God.

The coming of Yeshua Jesus, in the fullness of time, marked the fall of Satan from his powerful position in the air. For this reason Yeshua Jesus said to the seventy disciples upon their return: “I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven. Behold, I give power unto you to tread over serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding, in this rejoice not, that the spirits (Satan and his demons) are subject unto you; but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” This indicates very clearly that Yeshua Jesus, the Messiah, is the Ruler of the universe. It would be a false doctrine to claim that Satan has powers over the true believers, or to claim that Satan is the ruler of the world.


This marks also the beginning of the Kingdom of God, the Millennium. Christians are waiting for another Kingdom, but it is already here. False teaching that claims that we are living in the Kingdom of Satan is hurting the faithful Christian believers. Such false teaching makes them live in fear from demonic attacks and thus they long for another Millennium. This is almost the same situation when John the Baptist asked Jesus “Are you the Messiah, the King, or shall we wait for another?”


The faithful Jewish believers then and the faithful Christians now are waiting for a physical Kingdom, but the words of Yeshua Jesus are clear that His Kingdom is spiritual “not of this world.”

The Church established its kingdom of this world on the pattern of the Roman empire.


At the Second Coming, Yeshua Jesus will come as the Lion of Judah to judge the non-believers FIRST, including the social Christians and the social Messianic Jews and the non-repentant Jews. Then He will lift up the believers up in the air and will recreate the heavens and the earth anew. Then we all will come with Him to live in the New Jerusalem for ever.

Yeshua Jesus is the Messiah who is the very person of YHWH, One Person triune in nature. The Aramaic language describes the nature or essence of God as “Qenum.” The Aramaic language describes the Son of God as “Qenuma.” The Arm of God is “Qenuma” and the Spirit of God is “Qenuma.” Hence, the term Qenuma does Not mean a person, but the fullness of God extended to perform specific functions for mankind.


The term, for example, “the Arm of God” does not mean a part of God and not the whole of God. Children may say, “I did not do this, my hand did it.” With God, such deception does not exist. The Arm of God represents the fullness of God. This means that the Arm of God is NOT another person.


YHWH is One, one person and one essence.  Yeshua Jesus is the very same person of YHWH our God.

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